maquillaje de color para ojos

What eyeshadows are used for brown, green or blue eyes?

For years, the rules of eye makeup have been dictated by the same graphic representation: the color wheel. That orderly (and rigid) wheel that tells us that brown eyes go very well with lilac eyes and that blue eyes only stand out a lot with orange eyes. But why do we only talk about the complementaries and never look to the sides?

orange makeup and purple makeup

When I was a teenager and started experimenting with the world of makeup, eyeshadow palettes for each eye color were trending in beauty stores. I remember my sister had a circular palette designed especially to highlight brown eyes with four purple shadows . Instead, I had a palette for blue eyes with four silver shades. For a long time I didn't dare to use anything other than those colors that someone in some marketing room had imposed on me (those photos with a seven-shaped silver crease cut continue to haunt me).

What color makeup do I use on my eyes?

Things didn't get any better when I had formal makeup training, since to become certified you had to follow color theory to the letter and my shadow combinations were based on, yes, you guessed it, the color wheel. Every time a client sat in my chair, my memory automatically traveled to the wheel and made a discreet look taking into account the complementary shades for each eye color . It wasn't until I met a much more daring makeup artist that I understood that the only one who could write the rules was myself, that all that stuff about 'satin shadows don't go in the eye socket' and 'only metallic accents are used in the tear duct' It was over: for the first time in my life I dared to step outside of convention and began to polish a technique that to this day feels authentic.

Pink makeup on the tear duct

The reality is that color is for everyone, although collectively for decades we have followed a couple of rules without daring to question who has decided for us. Google is the best witness, as it has more than 20,300,000 million answers to frequently asked questions such as: What eye shadows are used for brown eyes ? Or What shadows should I use if I have green eyes ? The most common answers are purples and lilacs, but if I told you what a forest green line on the lower eyelid can do to brighten your eyes (in either case) you wouldn't believe it. Or how a royal blue cat eye can make blue eyes look captivating and how orange makes green eyes warmer, you would never wear makeup the same again.

green eyes makeup

Color is the future of makeup

The future forecast for eye makeup trends is also clear: the color is going strong for 2024. If you are a faithful follower of beauty trends like me, then you will know that the Spring-Summer 2024 catwalks turned your eyes in the spotlight with all kinds of colorful graphic eyeliners and left the skin and lips in the background. High-end designers invite us to bring out our most artistic side with strokes of striking tones on the lower eyelid, the eye socket or the outer corner, no matter what color eyes you have. Behind the scenes, expert makeup artists left minimalism behind (although silent luxury stalks us) and experimented again with all kinds of seductive strokes.

makeup for colored eyes

There is no doubt, the time has come to experiment with vibrant and lively tones that express our personality. You don't have to be a makeup professional to do stunning looks, you can go as far as you want.

LOOK AT ME - Eyeshadow Palette

AORA MÉXICO has a shadow palette called Mírame, a versatile (plastic-free) golden pyramid made of metal, with buildable shadows that allow you to add more color as you go. You can start by brightening the look with a touch of gold on the tear duct or dare with a color block of contrasting colors with pink and royal blue if you are more avant-garde. Although it is clear, you should never underestimate the power of a black line on the lash line, that one looks good on anyone... Nothing is written in stone, why don't we let our hands discover new color combinations?

Let's be children in front of the mirror, again.

look at me eyeshadow palette

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