Así es como el maquillaje es una fuerza de cambio

This is how makeup is a force for change

New Year, New Actions for 2024

Forget plastic, use more color, get inspired by Mexico, this is how you too can become a force for change.

The New Year is a blank page and you choose the color. Every January we gather the strength to change things that we don't like about ourselves and our environment: there are those who decide to go to the gym, there are other people who stop drinking alcohol after the holidays, many decide to try a new diet, give up meat , others commit to spending more time at home, with their pets or loved ones.

In the case of AORA México our purpose is clear: to help more people use makeup as a force for change! Along the way, we believe this can bring happiness, a new community, a chain of multiplying good actions.

The problem with many New Year's resolution lists is that they are full of good intentions, but they are difficult to achieve. AORA México is a brand that has set out to change the beauty landscape day after day. That's why this 2024 we want to transcend traditional purposes and offer everyday actions that can make the world a greener, more colorful, and creative place!

With this list of actions, makeup is a force of change for everyone:

1. Now I will use less plastic

The beauty industry is responsible for creating more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging each year, according to non-governmental organizations. That's a lot of pollution! AORA Mexico is a 100% plastic-free and 100% recyclable makeup brand, because we believe that having a product that does not become waste should be the minimum standard. Those who use AORA Mexico will contribute to producing less plastic and thereby address a major problem in the beauty industry.

These are other actions you can do to forget about plastic:
  • Reject the Uber Eats disposable packaging option.
  • Do not use plastic straws, buy aluminum or biodegradable straws for your home.
  • Always have a Tote Bag ready for your purchases. If you love color like we do, you can add ours to your collection.

2. At(time) I will use more color

Color is more than a trend, color defines who we are, it is a force that pushes us to change. We believe that color is for everyone and adapts to your needs, whether it is a stroke that changes your look or a whole daring proposal that catches everyone's attention. The color is elegant and it's also a great way to tell your own story.

These are 4 simple techniques to use color in your makeup:

  • Apply a little with your fingers, 1 single pass leaves a soft veil of color that blends evenly.

  • A single brushstroke of dust. Apply it with your fingers or drag the pencil out from the corner of the eye to lengthen the look.

  • A creamy eyeliner that blends smoothly into the desired area.

  • A bold color on the tear duct or all over the eyelid for a color shock.

Other daily actions to use color:
  • If you don't feel ready to let your colors be so visible, start small: wear colored socks or underwear. Get inspired by New Year's rituals!
  • Accessories are a great way to incorporate.
  • Use colored pencils and markers for your 2024 notebooks and agendas, color will help you remember and better organize your great thoughts.

3. At(time) I will be inspired by Mexico

Mexico is a country that leads change and that is a constant source of inspiration. Brands have a very important role in the creative society to promote the talent of young creators and to strengthen the economic ecosystem. Mexico defines who we are, from the fretwork that forms our name, to the pyramid that draws our MÍRAME palette.

We have these actions so that Mexico accompanies you at all times:
  • More mezcal and tequila, less vodka and gin when you go out to party.
  • When was the last time you visited a museum? CDMX is the city with the most museums in the world, take advantage of it!
  • Don't miss out on tortillas in your house, there is no comfort like quesadillas.

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