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Currently our products can be purchased exclusively online and soon in our physical store located at Álvaro Obregón 162-A

Yes, we removed all toxic ingredients from our products and replaced them with ingredients that meet the highest standards to create quality cosmetics.
We made the perfect combination to get ingredients that are safe and good for your skin, without ever compromising color.

Yes, none of our products are tested on animals

Yes, most of our products are vegan

All our formulas are vegan except for:


LOOK AT ME - Pink.01, Purple.01 (has carmine)
ADMÍR ME - Red.01 (has carmine)

Yes, we make sure to make everything dermatologically tested to ensure the highest quality and safety of your skin. All of our formulas were developed with professional makeup artists to ensure they perform and adapt to all skin tones and types.

Unfortunately no, in fact if you look at the fine print, some eye products indicate that they should not be used near the eyes.

For us it is very important that you know that all our products are safe for you.

Yes, our mica comes from ethical sources


No, everything at AORA Mexico is 100% plastic free. We replace plastic with recyclable materials.

Everything we produce is 100% recyclable, but by selecting beautiful, durable, and exquisitely shaped materials, our hope is that our packaging will be rejected, reused, and treasured.

Our primary packaging, being made of 100% metal, can be recycled as easily as recycling a soda can, in a single step.

If you wish, you can also reuse them and give them a new life.


Much of what we think will be recycled will never actually be recycled.
In fact, most makeup products are, by design, non-recyclable.

While this is a small step forward, it is not a definitive solution. The problem comes as plastic can only be recycled a certain number of times before it becomes completely waste. If at the end of use, the product ends up in the trash, it is still polluting.

We develop our secondary packaging thinking about how to really add to the luxury experience, however, we design our packaging thinking about it being recycled or reused. All of our secondary packaging is also recycled, as it is made with FSC-certified recycled paper.

Metal is a high-quality material with little degradation, and it can also be recycled almost infinitely. For example, did you know that 75% of the aluminum that has been produced in history is still circular?

Although some lipsticks look like they are made of metal on the outside, the reality is that they are made of multilaterals, this means that although they may be made of metal on the outside, the mechanism inside the lipstick is made entirely of plastic. Still, many brands choose to make plastic look like metal to deceive people.

More than sustainable, we are the future of luxury. The word sustainability has lost its meaning with so many brands shouting it and abusing the word to describe any insignificant action. We take it to the next level, a more advanced approach that really makes a change.

We know it is not easy, but it is not impossible either. Many brands prefer to use the same materials as other brands in order to save a little money on their packaging, instead of really worrying about innovating and taking packaging to another level using more noble, valuable and durable materials, they settle for doing the same. The same as other brands although this represents continuing to contribute to the waste of the makeup industry.