Fátima González x AORA MÉXICO

AORA PROFILES: Fátima González

On the occasion of Art Week 2024. AORA MÉXICO presents:

AORA PROFILES , a series of profiles of key figures in art in Mexico .

Fatima Gonzalez

Fátima González is one of the youngest and most outstanding faces of Mexican art . He manages his own space, the Campeche gallery, with which he has collaborated with various artists of all ages, accompanying them in their processes and promoting their work in fairs and spaces around the world.

Fatima Gonzalez x AORA MEXICO


Campeche is a contemporary art gallery in Mexico City , founded in 2020 by Fátima González and Alejandro Jassan .
Campeche is located on the ground floor of the 1951 Art Deco Kin Pech building, in the historic Roma Sur neighborhood, and was renovated by the Mexican architecture studio oioioi.

“What I like most about working in art is meeting artists, listening to them and learning from them. I also love accompanying them in their creation processes and the reflection that this always generates.”

Fatima Gonzalez

Fátima González Campeche AORA MEXICO

We asked her a series of questions to get to know her a little more:

Green color . I love plants, I love the countryside. There I find peace.

Combination: Green and pink.

Name a corner of the city that inspires you: My mother's garden.

Fatima Gonzalez Campeche AORA

“The artists I work with cover very diverse mediums and each one has different practices; But there is a common question about identity, memory, the body and what it means to be an artist today in a country like Mexico.”

Fatima Gonzalez

Which market do you like the most and why?: The Coyoacán market because it reminds me a lot of my childhood.

Song: I drove all night by Roy Orbison

Book: Zazie on the Subway.

What color makes you think of Mexico City?: Mexican pink

Lipstick, pencil or shadows?: Lipstick, always

Martini or margarita?: Dirty Martini

Campeche will be presenting Paderón by Abraham González Pacheco

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