The nature of Mexico paints the makeup

If there is a country capable of inspiring the most vibrant colors of its culture, it is Mexico . And the color is hidden in all its corners. On Gabriela Cámara's plates, Barragán's buildings and Frida Kahlo's house. If art and architecture have been enriched by their rich and opulent tones, what can't be done with makeup ? Just look at the work of our makeup artists.

What makes Mexico special?

Few nations can boast of having vegetation as diverse as theirs. From north to south, rivers, deserts, beaches and fields run through it. The prehistoric and the modern interweave in their cities to reveal themselves only to those who are truly paying attention. Its tropical fruits are a refuge for eyes in need of passion. The tiles in its buildings evoke the most irresistible combinations and local crafts, worked by the most talented hands, are expressed in colorful fabrics full of life.

mexican color makeup

We are inspired by Mexico

While the world of makeup looks at silent luxury and clean beauty towards beige and minimalist, AORA MÉXICO emerges as a brand that does not sacrifice color , nor effectiveness, writing a love letter to its own country.

The MÍRAME palette from AORA MÉXICO managed to capture the essence of its culture in a super pigmented and buildable eye palette, which blends with each stroke with a silky texture.

It is composed of 9 tones that refer to the most emblematic colors of the country: the green forest of the north of the country; the purple jacaranda that adorns the trees of Mexico City; the intense blue on the walls of the Blue House; the white foam of its seas; the Mexican pink that characterizes Barragán's creations; the black of its mines; the orange of the sunsets in Mazunte; and the silver and gold of its coins.


This is a very Mexican palette that invites creativity and also has the basic tones to make classic looks.

In each brushstroke, the shadows paint the beauty of Mexico , without being a challenge. Color is for everyone, that's the promise. And makeup experts and lovers alike can experiment with all kinds of combinations. From the most seductive pops of teardrop color to the most cheerful color blocks, you can go as far as you want.

Same ones that are emphasized with a collection of intensifying eyeliners: Admire me.

Eyeliners with a creamy texture and a clean, plastic-free formula.

Red.01, Vanta.03, Blue.02, Peach.01 and Brown.01 , five shades that cannot be missing in a cosmetic bag that boasts of being truly complete and that follows the same common thread of passion for nature and culture. from Mexico .


And now...

For years, the world set its eyes on Europe to follow global trends. It is time for Mexico to receive the same recognition and for its culture, its people and its nature to be the guiding axes of a new poem of color. And that not only international eyes feel inspired, but that local ones are proud to carry in their eyes the colors of their ancestors, the first lucky ones to set eyes on the wonders of the nation's nature.

Discover Aora Kit

We come from Mexico and we believe we have a lot to thank you for. As a brand, we have a very big role in a creative society. This way we can push all young creatives and allow an economic ecosystem. The more luxury brands there are, the more agencies open their doors, the more design studios, makeup artists, stylists, set designers, marketing specialists. They all flourish together. One of our brand pillars is to build a platform for Mexican creativity. Being a platform for Mexican creativity means involving the greatest number of people and rewarding the language, sophistication and cultural richness of Mexico and the community of Mexico City .

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