Es la semana del Arte: AORA MÉXICO

IT IS ART: the AORA Mexico guide for CDMX Art Week

At AORA Mexico we are a force for change full of color and we are moved to make visible the extraordinary talent that shapes CDMX .

Art Week attracts visitors from all over the world to the most important fairs of the year, it is a great platform for Mexican art , an ideal time to tour CDMX , taste its flavors and support the talent that moves it.


At AORA México we prepare a careful guide with the best options for our community. We chose projects from the most important fairs, from galleries with contemporary, emerging and diverse art , as well as talks so that you can meet face to face with the artists of the moment.

What to see?


At Zona Maco, the largest art fair in the city, we recommend Zona Maco Diseño , curated by Cecilia León de la Barra . In this section you will find limited editions, furniture, jewelry, textiles and historical pieces. The Ediciones Marea stand in the editorial section has limited edition pieces by artists such as Pedro Reyes, Minerva Cuevas and Tania Pérez Córdoba .

At the Material Art Fair, don't miss Beverlys, a bar in NY that offers an ideal combination of art and cocktails. This bar is set up once a year in Mexico as part of the Material fair. Also unmissable is the performance “ Fragmented States” by Carlos Amorales at the Polyforum Siqueiros made up of more than 40 singers, percussionists and dancers.

At Acme Hall , a large-scale piece is commissioned for the central courtyard every year. In this 2024 edition there will be a sound waterfall created by the Mexican artist Jerónimo Reyes Retana . The Meetings are a series of round tables open to the public where topics related to art are discussed, from museography to improving work processes and calls.


Art Week is our favorite days of art and color, a time to remind us that we are in a city that attracts everyone's attention. Our brand was born in CDMX , surrounded by the best talent in Mexico. As experts in color and beauty, we are sure that this Art Week Guide will become your first source of reference for the hundreds of small and large encounters with art that you will see around you.

Among the galleries that will open their doors, we recommend Ago Projects with Agnes Studio, Campeche with the Paredón by Abraham González Pacheco, Galería Yam and the Ash Austin exhibition, OBVIOQUESI, Carlos Pez, Kurimanzutto will have an individual by Gabriel Orozco, Llano will have pieces from Río Glaciar by Tania Ximena, Agustina Ferreyra will exhibit Ulrik López and Dorian Ulises López Macías, while Galería Mascota will have Emily Kraus and Víctor Seaward, General Expenses will open with Maggie Petroni, Labor con Luz de luna by Varda Caivano and Marianne Ibrahim with Amoako Boafo . For its part, Peana will have the exhibition Forms under the influence by Julia Rometti, Travesía Cuatro will show Frieda Toranzo Jaeger and Eleonore Koch, while Salón Silicón will have Hotel Fatiga by Sofía Hinojosa. At the National Museum of Art , there will be the exhibition Two Lines (FE) by Stegan Brüggemmann, while at the Tamayo Museum we recommend visiting the works of Ragnar Kjartansson and Petrit Halilaj.

What to listen to?


We highlight in our ES ARTE guide, three talks to meet face to face with important creators of this city. At the Jumex Museum there will be a Conversation by David Chipperfield with Michel Adrià on Thursday, February 8 at 10:30am; At Casa del Lago Unam we recommend a guided tour of the exhibitions Posteden, with the artist Gerardo Nolasco-Rószas, and Lourdes Grobet: Create without fear, with the curators Víctor Muñoz and Beruz Herrero, this on Saturday, February 10 at 11:00am ; while at the Alameda Art Laboratory you cannot miss the guided tour of the exhibition Between Lines, by Pedro Lasch on Thursday, February 8 at 10:30am.

And in my free time?

Our guide has a selection of places to go in this, the city of color. We recommend a walk to iconic places in the city such as the UNAM Sculptural Space , the Chapultepec Botanical Garden , the El Eco Experimental Museum and the National Lottery Building , a jewel of Mexican art deco. On your days of visit, the AORA México ES ARTE Guide offers you excellent gastronomic options such as restaurants 123, Bósforo, Covadonga, Boca del Río, Contramar, Rosetta, Lardo, Makan, Nicos, Los 5 caudillos, the San Juan Market and Paramo.


There is time for shopping

What cannot be missing in a city of vibrant design is a selection of the best brands to buy to support the creative talent of CDMX . We recommend starting the tour at the AORA México store located in the Roma Norte neighborhood, on Avenida Álvaro Obregón 162, and then stopping by the designer Carla Fernández 's boutique. In the Juárez neighborhood you can visit countless design stores such as Cynthia Buttenklepper, Ago Projects, Filia, Marsella 68, Takamura, Wig, Pays and Vena , and then visit the crafts of La Ciudadela . In the rest of the city don't miss Ago Projects, Mvndo Varon and Xinu Perfumes .


With the guide of AORA Mexico you will safely navigate the large number of events that make up Art Week , the exciting days from February 7 to 11, 2024. At AORA Mexico we are passionate about the beauty and history of Mexico . Art fairs are a perfect opportunity to learn about the wide range of Mexico City 's cultural offerings, connect with its landscapes, in addition to being able to contribute to this cultural ecosystem of which we are proudly part.


Don't forget to make time to visit our AORA Mexico store in Roma Norte . There you will find the color that will define your days. Our space is designed for you to enjoy the joy of color, try our plastic-free products and take them home to treasure.

Art is everything. Color is everything.

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