It's time for something new, from somewhere else.

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Our Mission:

Be a Colorful Force Of Change


Most luxuriy beauty brands come from Europe or from the north. Every trend always starts in places like Paris, Milan, New York, etc. Along with this, all the famous and praised MUAs and creatives come from the same places, so what’s left for the rest?

It’s time from something new from somewhere else. The industry needs a shift, it’s stalled in old standards of beauty.

Being a clean beauty brand means prioritizing the use of safe and non toxic ingredients in your products. In the latest years more and more brands started going through this route making the market grow so much that by 2028 the market value is expected to be over $14 billion.

Despite this, clean beauty has become boring, every brand is doing the same beigey, neutral colors making everything so monotonous and so predictable.

Can a clean beauty brand be really clean if it generates so much plastic waste? Having a product that is 100% recyclable and that doesn’t go to waste should be the minimum standard. They’ve told us for years that premium makeup products should be in black plastic, which makes it impossible to recycle.

We are creating timeless luxury products that go beyond their original purpose to do this we are using materials that will last for years and years in use instead of generating waste.


Our name comes from a deep sense of wanting a change. This is about the need for something new. from somewhere else.
our name comes from the spanish word “ahora”, meaning “now”.
This is it. Our time has come.

It is time for the beauty industry to wake up to another view on beauty. To try a different approach to packaging. To hear new voices in makeup. To see new creativity. To sense what color feels like.

The urgency is high. This is not about a slow evolution of what was done yesterday. This is not about empty promises about tomorrow. It is about taking action now.


For us, color is not a trend,
It is a collective ritual.

A driving force of change.

A masterstroke of vibrance.
The burning call of our identity.

We believe color is for every person.

Every face touched by México.


For us color is not a trend. It is ingrained in our being… Mexico knows color. No one can remain unchanged after the mexico poetry of color.

In a large sea of luxury brands, consumer brands and makeup looks, we feel that color is misunderstood. The industry treats color like its only for the young, only for the occasional big event, or for a costume.

We are here to say that color is for everyone, for everything, for every time.

Color Artistry for all, means bringing everyday techniques, means simplifying artistry, educating on color theory, and telling everyone: you, too, can add a little pop of color today.

Color Is For You


We come from Mexico, and we believe we have a lot to give back to Mexico.

Beauty brands, and brands in general, have a big role to play in a creative society. They encourage young creatives, they creative an economic ecosystem.

Where luxury brands are, agencies open, design studios, more makeup artists, hair artists, stylists, set designers, marketing roles.. All flourish..

Platforming mexican creativity means casting a wide net, celebrating and rewarding the language, sophistication and richness of Mexican Culture and the CDMX community.


A more thorough approach to sustainability. The utmost level of quality and care. Packaging made with noble, valuable, and durable materials. Supremely clean formulas rigorously tested for safety and paramount performance.

Isn´t that luxury afterall?
An object that feels great in the hand, has a sound, a temperature, a weight, a shine to it. An object that can stay in time. Materials that do not lose their value. A conscience that feels better. The knowledge it will not be trash. The respect for craftsmanship.

Everything we produce is 100% recyclable and plastic-free, Made to be reused, repurposed, and treasured.

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We have brought more color, performance and rigor to clean makeup.

We’re clean and vivid, safe while divergent

Clean brands avoid known toxins and irritants but fail to create bold, vivid, colorful makeup that meets pro MUA standards.

Some of the most used ingredients in eyeshadows are talc, PEGs, and phthalates, which are known to have a negative impact on health, the skin, or the environment. We replaced those with safe ingredients like Mica, Silica and Magnesium Myristate.

Dermatologist tested.


These are the letters of a new color alphabet.

Paint the poem yourself.