Elsa Benítez X AORA MÉXICO: Mírame a los Ojos

Elsa Benítez

Since its inception, AORA MÉXICO has proven to be an innovative brand, willing to redefine luxury and challenge what we think about beauty. We present our latest campaign, which marks the return of one of the most iconic models on the world's catwalks: supermodel Elsa Benítez .

The campaign features our iconic LOOK AT ME palette, with 9 vibrant and opulent colors stored in a 100% recyclable golden metal pyramid. All this and more is reflected under the gaze of Elsa, portrayed by the lens of Ricardo Ramos and the cinematography of Nata Failde. They both manage to portray the moments of LOOK AT ME , CARE ME and ADMIRE ME , without saying a single word. It's Elsa saying Look at me with just one look.

In the hands of three makeup artists, Gustavo Bortolotti , Stephanie Sznicer and Pamela Segura , it is reflected in the look, smile and expression of 3 incredible models, looks that explore the textures and colors of each formula, weaving a visual narrative where each color comes to life, telling unique but universal stories, reflecting the audacity of the cast, in a world full of color.

For AORA MEXICO , beauty has all forms and times and for that reason we chose for this initial campaign three iconic faces that reflect Mexican beauty: Effy Betancourt , Julie Fuentes and Elsa Benítez , they manage to demonstrate that color is for everyone, that The color is here and it is time for AORA Mexico.

AORA MÉXICO understands very well what it does, as our name indicates “ MÍRAME ” is a declaration of intent that only AORA MÉXICO could achieve. With the beauty of three iconic models, the campaign is designed in such a way that each of them only has to open their eyes to express what they want.

Elsa Benítez, with AORA MÉXICO , not only returns, but reigns, saying “ LOOK AT ME ” with a look that captures and seduces, without the need for words.

The campaign is accompanied by a soundtrack that captures the essence of beauty in musical notes. Created by Girl Ultra , the it girl of Mexican music, Girl Ultra, reinvents " Mírame a los ojos ", the 1997 OV7 classic, in a hymn to seduction and the power of the look. Every chord, every note, is an echo of AORA MÉXICO 's promise: to redefine luxury, color and challenge the conventions of beauty.

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