Maquillajes rosas verano 2024

3 pink makeup looks for this summer 2024

At AORA México, pink is part of our DNA and this summer 2024 you cannot miss it in any of your makeup. Today we are going to show you how you can achieve 3 different looks for the day, perfect for going out to brunch with your friends, having a coffee or just going for a walk.

Many times we associate color with looks that are super busy and a little difficult to achieve, but that is not true! Pink is a universal and super versatile color that can stand out very well on different skin tones . When we think about summer we want to use fresh, natural tones and above all that help us rejuvenate. Using pink color correctly on your cheeks, lips and even eyes, you can achieve a healthy and youthful effect.

3 reasons to wear pink makeup this summer 2024:

  • Pink makeup can give you a fresh look ideal for warm and sunny days.

  • Pink is a color associated with joy , positivity and energy .

  • Wearing pink makeup can elevate your mood and convey a positive and optimistic attitude, perfect for enjoying summer activities.

Below we will give you the step by step to perform 3 different techniques with which you can incorporate this color into your looks....

Why is pink part of our DNA?

"Pink like the flower of a cactus, Barragán in the voice of Dua Lipa. Single rose but not alone, pink like the lips and cheeks after a ray of sun, rose without gender. Pink bougainvillea in the patio of a mansion, pink whimsical like a popsicle after school."

Pink is the color that characterizes us and is immersed in our DNA. We like that it feels like a typical flower from Mexican nature and that it leaves the cheeks bright. We want it to be a universal color, genderless and for everyone.

3 pink makeup looks that you can recreate this summer

What are you going to achieve them with?

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