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10 things for which the press has recognized AORA MÉXICO

At AORA México we want to thank all our friends in the press, print and digital media, as well as the content creators, bloggers and makeup artists who have accompanied us on this colorful and plastic-free journey. Thank you all for being there from day one!

Since our launch in November 2023 we have come a long way. It sounds easy but it has been the greatest challenge of our lives. Creating and launching into the market (which is highly competitive) a makeup brand with clean formulas, sustainable packaging and zero plastic has been and continues to be something we work on every day.

We are excited to grow hand in hand with you and we can't wait to share all the new things we are creating in 2024.

AORA México & the Mexican press:

  • Since November 2023 more than 50 print & digital media have talked about us.

  • Every month we collaborate with more than 40 highly recognized content creators , bloggers & MUAS in the industry.

  • In April 2024 we had our TV debut on the program Netas Divinas .

We'll tell you more about the highlights we've had in the Mexican press...

10 times that AORA México has been recognized in the press

VOGUE Mexico digital - April 2024

"Just 6 months after its launch, the brand achieves that for the first time the luxury department store receives makeup with local DNA that exalts the richness and cultural diversity of Mexico" - Lorena Meouchi, Vogue México.

Forbes - October 2023

"Three entrepreneurs created a luxury makeup line to which they added the word Mexico in its name." - Monica Valladolid, Forbes Mexico

Digital expansion - October 2023

"With sales projections exceeding $1 million in the first two months after its official launch, Aora has ambitions to compete with iconic European beauty brands." - Nancy Malacara, Expansion

Elle Mexico - March 2024

"AORA México, the 100% plastic free Mexican luxury beauty brand and leader in all things color, is positioned as the ally we have been looking for so much." - Andrea Bau, Elle Mexico

Digital reform - October 2023

"With the proposal to illuminate all races, genders and ages with its colors, Aora, the Mexican plastic-free makeup brand, entered the luxury market with the aim of setting a trend even in Europe." - Lupita Aguilar, Reforma

Digital Who - October 2023

"It is a company with completely clean, cruelty-free formulas and plastic-free packaging but, unlike some sustainable brands, they did not want this to be boring, and what better than to take inspiration from a country full of flavor, architecture and color?". - María José Cuevas, Who

Elle México Print - December 2023

"It is the first time that we have a Mexican luxury makeup brand. What makes AORA so top is that they focused on satisfying what new generations are asking for their products: that they be sustainable without sacrificing quality." - Elle Mexico

Elle Mexico
Elle Mexico

Vogue Mexico print - November 2023

"A tribute to the culture and history of the colors of Mexico, the result? A makeup brand that reflects its own expression of luxury." - Vogue Mexico

Vogue Mexico
Vogue Mexico

Forbes Mexico print - November 2023

"AORA is a new national firm that seeks to break into the high-end cosmetics industry and redefine the luxury of the future." - Forbes Mexico

Forbes Mexico
Forbes Mexico

Divine Nets (tv) - April 2024

In April 2024 we had our first television appearance on the Netas Divinas program. Our founders Nour Tayara and Rodrigo Peñafiel together with makeup artist Pamela Segura were talking live with the hosts of the program about the brand and the future of luxury makeup in Mexico.

Divine nets
Nour Tayara and Rodrigo Peñafiel, founders of AORA MÉXICO, and the MUA Pamela Segura in the Netas Divinas program.

What's next for AORA Mexico...

Innovation, development, much more color and many new 100% clean & plastic-free products.

We can't wait to share with you all the new developments coming to the brand for 2024. As always, we remain committed to creating the #1 sustainable luxury brand in Mexico.

This project is built day by day with the help of all our friends, collaborators who from day one have given us their knowledge, help and have helped us spread the main mission of the brand. We are growing more and more, expanding into new markets, collaborating with new creatives, creating new relationships and above all, making ourselves known to different audiences.

We can't wait to tell you more about all the new things coming!

Presenting AORA MEXICO...

AORA MÉXICO, founded in 2022 by Nour Tayara, Rodrigo Peñafiel and Jaspar Eyears, is a clean, plastic-free makeup brand based in CDMX, redefining luxury and sustainable beauty.

The brand was born from the need to reduce plastic waste in the beauty industry and celebrate Mexican cultural wealth. Their products, such as the LOOK AT ME shadow palette, CARE ME solid lip serum, and ADMIRE ME eyeliner, are designed with long-lasting materials and free of toxic ingredients.

AORA MÉXICO stands out for its dermatologically tested formulas, free of animal cruelty and developed with professional makeup artists, ensuring quality and safety. The brand's philosophy is to innovate in clean beauty, using recyclable and reusable packaging, while educating consumers about environmental responsibility and encouraging a change in consumer habits.

AORA MÉXICO positions itself as a force for change, inviting everyone to experience a new way of living color and demanding a true transformation in the beauty industry.


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