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How to put on colored makeup? We have the solution

It's time for you to immerse yourself in color, without doubts and with enthusiasm. There is color for you no matter where you start from.

We know that it is easier to continue doing the same look that you have already perfected, but dare to try something new, now with more color.

With the quality and power of an incomparable color, inspired by the vibrant tones of Mexico.

The techniques you are about to see are made with our LOOK AT ME Eyeshadow Palette.

LOOK AT ME has 9 vibrant and opulent colors. Its tones are an ode to Mexico. With ultra-shiny metallics and intense mattes. MÍRAME is a palette created to harmonize and complement all skin tones. Its silky formula adheres color in one swipe and blends effortlessly.

makeup techniques

We teach you simple techniques so you can add a touch of color to your daily life.

Smokey eye (but) with color

Let us show you our version of the technique you already know and may have already used, but with color.

Smokey eye but with color
  1. Grab any of the 9 colors in your LOOK AT ME palette with your little finger.
  2. With your eyes open, look straight ahead and place your pinky on the last eyelash at the other end of your eye.
  3. Make slight upward (and/or downward) movements blending the color.

smokey eye but with color (step by step)

TIP: Diffuse or build the intensity of the color, always starting from less to more.

External color pop

One of our simplest techniques, thanks to the MÍRAME formulas that adhere the color in one pass. It's as easy as using your finger to recreate this technique.

external color pop aora mexico
  1. Using a long, loose brush, gently glide over any MÍRME color.
  2. Apply the product “sweeping” over the mobile eyelid.
  3. Blend the color well to achieve this sweeping effect.

external color pop (step by step)

TIP: You can do this look with your little finger or a cotton swab.

Smokey eye (but) backwards

Adding color to your makeup is easier than it seems, with our version of a reverse smokey eye you can complement any look.

smokey eye but the other way around now mexico
  1. With a brush, gently glide over any MÍRME color.
  2. Glide the brush over the lower lash line.
  3. Blend the color well to achieve this “swept” effect.

smokey eye but the other way around (step by step)

TIP: Blend or build the intensity of the color always starting from less to more

touch of light

One of our favorite and simple techniques for you to add more color and as its name says, a touch of light to any look.

touch of light aora mexico
  1. Swipe your finger or a round brush over any metallic “LOOK AT ME” shade.
  2. Apply to the tear duct, moving in a half-moon shape towards the middle of the eyebrow.
  3. Blend gently to achieve a luminous and natural effect.

touch of light (step by step)

TIP: Use Blanco.01 from MÍRAME to elevate your look with a multidimensional touch

They are not just 9 colors, they are new opportunities to create, transform and challenge.
Color envelops us, inspires us and makes us fall in love. In every shadow, there is a beauty that devours us.


But you can do much more, with our ADMÍRAME Intensifying Eyeliner you can also complement any look and add a pop of color to color to your day.

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