Why is aluminum infinitely recyclable?

At AORA México our name arises from a deep search for change and the need for something new, from another place. Derived from the Spanish word "ahora", meaning "at this moment", it symbolizes that our time has come . It's time for the beauty industry to wake up and embrace a new vision of beauty, especially one where we leave plastic behind and prioritize the use of infinitely recyclable materials like aluminum.

3 things you probably didn't know about aluminum recycling:

  • Recycling aluminum requires low energy consumption: Smelting recycled aluminum requires much less energy than producing aluminum from bauxite, the mineral from which it is extracted.

  • It has been transforming for years: It is estimated that more than 70% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.

  • Recycling aluminum reduces pollution: Recycling aluminum helps reduce air and water pollution associated with bauxite mining and smelting.

We'll talk to you more...

Why does the makeup industry have a plastic problem?

Currently the makeup industry faces a significant challenge regarding plastic packaging and its consequent waste.

First, the widespread use of plastics in cosmetics packaging contributes significantly to the global plastic waste crisis. According to UN data, it is estimated that more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging are produced annually in the cosmetics industry , and much of these products are single-use and not adequately recyclable. This generates a huge amount of plastic waste that pollutes the oceans, affects marine life and persists in the environment for centuries.

In addition to the direct environmental impact, the excessive use of plastics contradicts growing consumer demands for sustainable and eco-friendly products. Every day people are much more informed about what products they use and want to know where they come from. With all the access to information we have today, makeup consumers are increasingly opting for brands that promote responsible production practices and that use recyclable or biodegradable packaging.

Currently, it is urgent for makeup brands to innovate in terms of their packaging (both primary and secondary) and the way they present their products to the world. Innovation and sustainability must always go hand in hand and it is time for the industry giants to start looking for alternatives/solutions.

Aluminum: a solution to the plastic problem in industry

What is aluminum?

Aluminum is a light, strong and abundant metal on Earth. It is obtained from bauxite , a mineral found in rocks.

For use in packaging, bauxite is processed to extract pure aluminum. This metal is then rolled into thin, flexible sheets that can be molded into different shapes.

Photo by Madison Inouye available on Pexels

3 ways aluminum is recycled

  1. Collection and separation: Aluminum is separated from other recyclable materials, such as plastic and glass, at recycling centers or directly at processing plants.

  2. Crushing and Crushing: Aluminum is crushed into small pieces and ground into fine powder.

  3. Melting and purification: Aluminum powder is melted in high-temperature ovens to eliminate impurities and obtain pure liquid aluminum.

After recycling...

Liquid aluminum can be:

  • Mold into ingots: For later use in the manufacture of new products.
  • Laminating into thin sheets: To create aluminum sheets for packaging, cans and other products.
  • Extrude into shapes: To create tubes, profiles and other complex shapes.

The relationship between AORA Mexico and aluminum

Yes, at AORA Mexico we have a commitment to the environment, sustainability, and society and that is why we have made aluminum one of our best allies.

In this metal we were able to find an element that is 100% recyclable and that can be transformed in a thousand ways to offer optimal solutions for our packaging.

PET ME - our silver bullet

Our CARE ME Solid Lip Serum comes in a gorgeous silver bullet like no other, made from 100% metal.

That's right, all that nutrition that this product provides to your lips is protected by aluminum that takes care of the planet and does not have a single plastic component.

LOOK AT ME - a timeless object

The 9 shadows in our MÍRAME shadow palette come protected in a packaging made of 100% aluminum.

This palette is a timeless object that is made up of 3 main elements.

To start we have the mirror made of recyclable Stainless Steel . Simplifying recycling efforts and reducing waste. Basically it is a super well-polished metal to the point that it manages to reflect images clearly.

Next is the shadow tray . It includes the 9 shades of the palette, it is made with aluminum and designed to be easily removed from the packaging at any time.

Finally there is the base . It is specially designed to be reused and reused . Once you finish all the shadows you can use this foundation as a palette to mix liquid or cream products (like foundations or concealers) and even to store some small products.

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